Chinese manufacturer TierTime has developed a diverse range of 3D printing solutions, including desktop FDM machines. Among these 3D printers is the Cetus2, a lightweight, compact solution that can design small parts from a wide variety of thermoplastics, from PLA to TPU to PETG to ABS. It is one of the smallest machines of the brand and is practical and accessible. Among its main features, the possibility of double extrusion that allows to create multi-material or multicolor objects.

Features of the Cetus2 3D Printer

With a print volume of 200 x 300 x 300 mm, the Cetus2 is a relatively small machine that has the advantage of being able to easily combine two different materials – or two colors of filament – to double the printing possibilities. The desktop machine is equipped with a heated platen that can reach up to 100°C; its extruder goes up to 260°C.

When it comes to software, the Cetus2 is compatible with UP Studio 3 but can also work with third-party slicers such as Cura, Simplify3D or Prusa Slicer. Finally, this printing solution includes automatic calibration of the build plate, which saves users time and tedious setups. It is also equipped with a filament run-out detection system and a recovery mode to save your progress in case of power failure. The Cetus2 will resume printing once the problem is fixed. It is therefore an accessible and intuitive machine, designed for beginners in 3D printing and those who want to design more colorful visual parts.