The Vienna-based company Cubicure has been offering solutions and information for the 3D printing of plastics since 2015. Moreover, in addition to creating 3D printing solutions, the company is also known for the developing project studies, printing materials and more in order to more broadly advance industrial 3D printing. Currently, they offer two 3D printers, the Caligma and the Cerion. While the Cerion can be used for industrial applications, the Caligma is suitable for small batch and prototype production.

Features of the Cerion Printer

The Cerion 3D printer was launched in 2021. The large-format 3D printer can be used to produce a few large parts as well as a high number of small parts – all while maintaining consistent quality. Furthermore, one unique part of this printer is the novel printing head which allows the user to build scalable parts; in terms of printing speed, each layer is printed within 90 seconds, regardless of size or complexity. Thereby, the layer height varies between 25-200 µm.

Parts up to a size of 1000 x 280 x 300 mm³ can be printed with Cerion using Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. DLP is similar to SLA but with SLA the resin is cured dot by dot while with DLP only the height of the part affects the print speed. In addition, photopolymers are fed to the Cerion in 10-50 liter drums. A total pixel size of 50 x 50 µm² is achieved, resulting in high-quality parts. Temperatures during the process can rise to 100 °C. The printer is used in many different fields, such as aerospace, medical technology, tool technology, end products, and electronics.