CerFab Multi 2M30 comes from Lithoz, an Austrian manufacturer of 3D printers and materials with a focus on ceramics that offers additive manufacturing technologies for beginners through to users interested in industrial series production. In addition to the CeraFab Multi 2M30, which for Lithoz is the technological cornerstone of multi-material 3D printing, the product portfolio also includes the CeraFab Lab L30, CeraFab System Medical S65, CeraFab System S25, System S65 and System S230. A major advantage of using the CeraFab Multi 2M30 is not only ability to combine different ceramics, but also the ability to combine a ceramic with metal or polymer, creating composite materials with a significantly wider range of propertties. In this way, previously unattainable multifunctional composites can be achieved – and this thanks to the free choice in graduation and the open system of the CeraFab Multi 2M30. The combination of different materials in a single layer is thus also made possible.

The Features of the CeraFab Multi 2M30

This 3D printer allows its users to assemble materials with completely contrasting properties in just one multifunctional component. Whether ceramics with ceramics, ceramics with metal or ceramics with polymer – the CeraFab Multi 2M30, which is equipped with LCM technology, enables the use of versatile structures in addition to the development of its own materials and can likewise be integrated into its own existing processes.

The Lithoz 3D printer has a lateral resolution of 635 dpi and a printing speed of up to 100 layers per hour and  is optimally tailored to the individual needs of the user. In terms of features, in addition to fully automatic cleaning, which is used to prevent cross-contamination during the material change, the printer is also designed to ensure a clean and fast material change in and of itself. As far as customizability is concerned, the user has the possibility to customize a platform in order to thus integrate own processes and technology extensions such as coating, monitoring devices and many more.