The Carmel 1400C is an industrial 3D printer developed by Israeli company XJet. Based on NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ) technology, it enables additive manufacturing of ceramic parts with high levels of detail, finish and precision.


XJet’s patented 3D printing method is part of a family of technologies based on material jetting. Specifically, it uses liquid inks containing dispersed solid ceramic nanoparticles that are deposited on the manufacturing platen to produce the part layer by layer. This high-quality technology is capable of creating highly detailed, finished and precise parts, without compromising throughput or manufacturing time.

In terms of applications, the Carmel 1400C is suitable for a wide range of industries. With a maximum print volume of 500 x 140 x 200 mm, this industrial 3D printer enables the simultaneous production of ceramic parts. Compatible ceramic materials include alumina and zirconia, as well as soluble support materials for more complex models. As we can see, this professional solution offers great advantages in industry, enabling manufacturers to produce ceramic parts with a geometric design that has never been possible before.