The Carbon M3 Max is a resin 3D printer developed by US manufacturer Carbon. Designed for production, the machine was launched alongside its sister, the M3, with the difference of offering a much larger print volume. It offers next generation DLS printing with 4K resolution technology. Also in the series is the M1, M2, and L1.

Features of the Carbon M3 Max 3D printer

With this solution, the U.S. company seeks to further expand the space of what is possible with a simplified printing experience. Based on Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS) technology, the M3 Max is designed to optimize production while offering a large-scale solution for resin technologies. It features a maximum print volume of 307 x 163 x 326 mm (12.1 x 6.4 x 12.8 in) and a resolution of 75 µm, making it ideal for the most industrial sectors where speed of manufacturing is key. Carbon’s M3 Max features an enclosed enclosure and touchscreen control panel, and can be connected via Ethernet and USB cable.

Thanks to improved heat management, speeds of up to 2.5x faster than the M2 can be achieved when printing dental models. The M3 Max also produces consistent and smooth parts: the variation in parts across a single-build (cross-build variation) is reduced by 30%, so you can produce monolithic, high-quality parts with a premium surface finish. It makes parts with an accuracy of up to 0.002 in and offers a general accuracy of up to ±65 μm+ 1 μm per mm dimension size.

The M3 Max is included in the subscription with regular OTA (over-the-air programming) software updates. It also integrates a service package with real-time in-house support and preventive maintenance to optimize machine uptime.