The Leapfrog Bolt Pro is the successor to the Leapfrog Bolt. Like its predecessor, the new printer is also a Plug & Play printer with a dual extruder function.

Leapfrog has introduced the Y-axis linear guide on this model, which improves cooling during printing, as well as a new cable routing on the extruder. With the Bolt Pro, the print bed is now fixed with magnets; so it’s easier to lose weight now. These magnets can now be found on the side flaps, which were previously provided with Velcro. Thanks to a lock can now close the hood of the space.

Working area:

Single extruder: 320 x 330 x 205 mm (X, Y, Z)
Dual extruder: 320 x 300 x 205 mm (X, Y, Z)
Replicator / Mirror Mode: 320 x 164 x 205 mm (X, Y, Z)