BigRep, a German manufacturer founded in 2014 and headquartered in Berlin, offers comprehensive solutions for additive manufacturing. In addition to software and filaments, BigRep provides a range of 3D printers that cater to various industrial applications. Their product lineup includes three notable machines: BigRep STUDIO G2, BigRep ONE.4, and BigRep PRO.2. All three systems employ extrusion technology and are designed to meet the demands of industrial settings. To ensure efficient global support, the company has established offices in Boston and Singapore.

The BigRep PRO.2 stands out for its versatility in printing with industrial and fiber-reinforced materials. These materials encompass ASA, PLA, PETG, and more. Users have the freedom to choose between BigRep’s own materials or those from third-party manufacturers based on their specific requirements. To maintain optimal filament quality, the PRO.2 is equipped with a double-sealed filament chamber, ensuring the filament remains dry throughout the printing process.

Features of the BigRep PRO.2 3D Printer

With dimensions of 1950 x 2500 x 2105 mm, the BigRep PRO.2 weighs in at approximately 2,160 kg. The building volume of the machine measures 1020 x 970 x 985 mm, so the 3D printer is particularly suitable for the production of large parts, but it can also be used for prototype development or end applications. The maximum printing speed is 600 mm/s, and at the same time the system is said to produce parts with high precision, making its industrial application particularly efficient. In terms of layer height, the manufacturer specifies 0.3 mm and 0.6 mm, but it also mentions that other layer heights are supported by the slicing software. The slicer was manufactured by the company itself and bears the name BigRep BLADE.

Furthermore, the 3D printer has a hybrid hardware / software solution, also called JUMPSTART, which makes the process user-friendly. For example, there is an automatic extruder calibration, so that the desired result can be achieved with every print. In addition, the BigRep PRO.2 has a removable print bed. This is available in different variants, here the coatings are adapted to a range of materials to ensure good adhesion between print and plate. The manufacturer also advertises that the magnetic print bed is easy to use.