The company BeAM, which was acquired by French company AddUp, has developed the Modulo series, which includes the 3D printer Modulo 250. It is an industrial machine based on the technology of material deposition under concentrated energy (DED).

Characteristics of the Modulo 250

The Modulo 250 offers a manufacturing volume of 400 x 250 x 300 mm and is equipped with a 10Vx nozzle that can produce welds with a width of 0.8 to 1.2 mm. Its powder feed capacity is 1.5 L, which corresponds to approximately 7.8 kg of standard steel. In addition to that, it has a temperature sensor and a chamber that is filled with argon, as well as a three-stage air extraction system: pre-filter, HEPA, chemical filter.

The Modulo 250 has been specially designed for research and development activities, small parts production and training needs. It is the smallest solution in the manufacturer’s range. It is also ideal for repairing existing components.