The P1P 3D Printer from Bambu Lab is part of the company’s low-cost, high quality consumer desktop FDM 3D printers. The P1P in particular is designed for a lightweight, ready to go right out of the box 3D printer that is ideally suited for the customization-minded maker.

Features of the Bambu Lab P1P

Similar to its X1 cousin, the P1P 3D Printer allows for a great degree of customizability and upgrading potential. In fact, the side panels of the printer themselves are removable, with Bambu Lab providing online resources for modplates and 3D models to redesign the exterior of the printer in your own unique style or functionality. The P1P leaves room for potential upgrades for cooling fans and air filters which effectively transform the printer into the P1S model, which has those systems integrated.

With auto bed leveling, built-in vibration and extrusion compensation as standard, prints are able to be accurately finished in rapid time either at 2,500 mm/s or a blistering 20,000 m/s in ‘ludicrous mode’. Within the printer, the build plate is engineered for rapid heating and cooling, with the heat plate able to reach up to 100℃, and a maximum temperature of 300℃ within the all-metal hot end. The lightweight printer is ideal for PLA, PETG, TPU, PVA and PET materials.

The Bambu Lab P1P printer syncs seamlessly with Bambu Lab’s own slicing software – Bambu Studio, and has additional capabilities for remote monitoring and timelapse recordings on mobile devices with their phone app, Bambu Handy. The printer and software systems will also work in synergy with Bambu Lab’s file-sharing site, MakerWorld. The P1P set comes with the screen, spool holder, filament, an extra hot end, nozzle wiping pads, power cord, unclogging pin tool, PTFE tube, Bambu scraper, set of Allen wrenches, PTFE tube anchor, and textured PEI plate all for around $699 USD.