Alongside the Axo A3, the Istanbul-based 3D printing company also offers the Axo A6 in its 3D bioprinter portfolio. The reason it was named A6 has to do with the number of printhead slots available. With a total of six independent printhead slots, the 3D printer is a multitasking machine, using Pneumatic Driven Extrusion as its bioprinting technology. Like its sibling, the Axo A6 offers its user a wide range of pressure and temperature ranges. This ensures that this 3D bioprinter is suitable for any type of requirement. Specifically, this solution allows an extrusion temperature of up to 265 °C.

Features of the Axo A6 3D Printer

If you are interested in a 3D bioprinter, you should know that the Axo A6 is compatible with various bioprinting devices. This means that different sizes of culture plates as well as Petri dishes can be used with this machine without any problems. As far as print heads are concerned, the Axo A6 is in no way inferior to the Axo A3. Due to the possibility of using a range of different printheads, better results can be obtained depending on the application. These print heads can be heated and cooled. The machine includes a cell electrowriting printhead, a melt electrowriting printhead, a UV curing toolhead and an HD camera toolhead. In addition, the AxoSuite software used has been specially developed for researchers and even allows the printheads to be parameterized, allowing users to adapt them for their specific research needs. The printing plate of the Axo A6 3D printer measures 130 x 90 x 80 mm.