The Voxelab Aries STEM FDM printer was released in 2021 by the company. It is a slightly more expensive option compared to the Voxelab Aquila series, retailing at $391 USD full price on the Flashforge website, but comes with upgraded features and generally more positive feedback from users. The printer comes ready to work and has a carbon-silicon glass platform, which heats up quickly and consistently over the surface. This prevents warping. The Aries has struts on all its cubic forms. Furthermore, the printer comes with a touchscreen and a built in LED screen on which the user can check printing progress. Uniquely compared to the Voxelab Aquila series, the Aries STEM printer features a single extruder with a filament sensor which detects and notifies the user in the case of low levels or broken filament. The printer can stop progress in the case of a power cut; the photoelectric sensor is able to command the printing to restart at exactly the same spot once power is resumed.

Reviews Of the Aries STEM FDM Printer

Online reviews for this printer point to high reliability, decent features, stable construction and a textured glass bed. They also appreciate the auto-bed leveling and quality of printed parts. On the other hand, there is a lack of slicer profiles which means the 18inch ‘Standard’ profile appears to be the default option. According to some, it is also difficult to access the filament and extruder on the reverse side. Some reviewers have also suggested certain Quality Control issues with the printer such as the standard of the parts not being accurate. As with all printers, we advise research before you purchase the Aries STEM. It should also be noted that although the printer is aimed at beginners, several reviewers have reported having to do their own research in order to understand the manual.