The Arcam A2X 3D printer was launched in 2015 by its manufacturer Arcam, now part of GE Additive. This industrial machine is based on electron beam melting (EBM) and uses metal as the material for 3D printing. As a special eye-catching feature, the manufacturer states that this 3D printer has been made to process titanium alloys and materials such as titanium aluminide and Alloy 718, for example. Specifically, this means that the Arcam A2X is not only suitable for 3D printed production, but also finds its use in materials research. The machine is particularly well suited for material studies, as it operates in a vacuum, where the risk of contamination is greatly reduced.

If we talk about concrete fields of application, we can mention the production of functional parts within the aerospace industry as well as other industries and research institutes. Research institutes as well as universities get the option of development mode at no cost, which allows them to control more machine and process parameter setting. They can get in contact with Arcam and receive a special hardware key to unlock this mode.

Features of the Arcam A2X

The Arcam A2X has a build chamber with a size of 200 x 200 x 380 mm, while the dimension of the hardware is 1850 x 900 x 2000 mm and has a total weight of 1420 kilograms. This 3D printer is also specially designed to be able to withstand enormously high temperatures. We are talking about a temperature of over 1,000° C inside the build chamber. Furthermore, when using the Arcam A2X, you can enjoy the open software for process development as well as an extremely stable build platform.