The Aquila D1 is the most recent in the Aquila series from Voxelab, after the S2, C2, and X2. The D1 comes with a 300℃ high-temp nozzle, as well as dual cooling adjustable fans. It has a dual-gear direct extruder and a Z-axis dual screw; the latter improves stability of the operation. The X and Y axis use linear guide rails instead of pulley guide rails, reducing the risk of a textured surface due to machine shaking or wobbling. Similarly to the other printers in the Aquila series, the printer comes with filament run-out detection, which alerts the user when filament needs to be refilled. It also has a power-off resume feature so that the printer can stop and resume once power is disconnected and reconnected respectively. This reduces the waste of time and risk of damaged products.

The print volume is 235*235*250 mm, an increase by 14% compared to Aquila C2. The printing speed has also been improved compared to previous printers in the series; maximum printing speed is 180mm/s (average speed is 100mm/s, 200% faster than Aquila C2 ).

Importantly, the Aquila D1 is beginner friendly: it comes with 5-step quick assembly and a user manual. The 4.3-inch LCD touch screen has a bright full-color display, and is user-friendly. The screen supports 6 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese (an upgrade on previous printers, which were available in English and Chinese only). Furthermore, the printer has a 32-bit silent mainboard for hassle-free printing.

 In terms of sales information, Voxelab’s factory uses solar panels and their filaments are biodegradable; the packaging is also eco-friendly according to their website.