The Aquila C2 from Voxelab is a budget FDM printer with a large build volume and high cost-effectiveness, making it suitable for beginners and hobbyists. The kit comes semi-assembled; it is up to the user to put the final pieces together. This allows them to fully understand the functioning of the printer. It features a heated carbon crystal silicon build plate which can reach 60°C (140°F) in mere minutes. The plate has strong adhesion and the bottom layer can be printed to a high standard. The Aquila C2 comes with two free softwares- Cura and Voxelmaker- and the option to purchase Simplify3D technology. All are compatible with the printer, so it is up to the consumer according to preference. Even better, Aquila C2 is based on open-source technology, meaning it allows for flexible upgrades and modifications.

Aquila C2 has a printing speed of 30-60mm/s and a printing precision of ±0.2 mm. The printer is compatible with PLA , ABS, PETG. Its dimensions are 465*480*473(620)mm and, conveniently, it can be used offline with a memory card. The printer has the ability to stop and resume printing according to the power status, meaning prints can recommence rather than being started from scratch. As with the other printers in the series, the manual and instructions are available in English and Chinese.

Aquila C2 Printer Reviews

Reviews of the Aquila C2 are generally positive. We recommend vigilance, however, as a number of reviewers have expressed concern over thermal runaway and melted filament, and, less significantly, a loud cooling fan. As always, users should exercise caution and contact support if needed: nevertheless, the majority of reviews give positive feedback.  Users seem to be impressed by the quality relative to the price point and point to it being suitable for beginners. The printer has been described as as a dupe for the Ender 3 from Creality.