Aconity3D GmbH is a German manufacturer of 3D printing machines for metals based in Aachen, Germany, the birthplace of Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF). The company focuses strongly on modular machines suitable for a variety of new industrial applications for 3D printing of metals from medical, tools, automotive and energy to aerospace.


The AconityMINI is the entry-level solution of Aconity3D. With an installation space of Ø 140 mm x H 200 mm and an attractive price structure, this system represents the perfect entry into the 3D printing of metals in the industrial or scientific sector.

Additional Options:

Since high flexibility is crucial for researching countless different additive manufacturing applications, the AconityMINI can also be equipped with the following options:

High temperature preheating of up to 800 °C for an extended range of applications of materials such as titanium aluminides, tool steels and certain nickel-base superalloys,

Vacuum option for an absolute total chamber pressure of < 1 mbar and drastically reduced flushing cycles of less than 10 minutes

Micro option for miniature applications with measuring fields of < 50 µm and resulting feature sizes of < 100 µm

Process monitoring capabilities using high-speed imaging and pyrometry to enable improved quality parts for critical applications according to certified process flows.

The AconitySTUDIO software suite offers full freedom and complete autonomy in applied process parameters and materials for a rapidly growing field of new applications.