From Aachen-based German manufacturer, Aconity3D, the AconityMICRO is the company’s very first compact, non-configurable system, designed towards one sole application: MICRO L-PBF (laser powder bed fusion).

The system combines a small spot size of ~ 40 µm and the ability to distribute very fine powders in layer thicknesses of < 10 µm, thanks to Aconity3D’s revolutionary vibrating powder deposition technology. Some of the main highlights are the completely extractable powder cylinders and build tray which enable end-users to perform very fast material changes and quick-start the process. The web-based control software AconitySTUDIO suite allows for remote machine access via WebSocket as well as complete Job import/export and full control of all relevant process parameters.

The compact machine design, low power consumption and compatible pricing complete the feature list of this specialized L-PBF machine. The AconitySTUDIO software suite provides full freedom and complete autonomy in terms of applied process parameters and materials for a vastly growing field of new emerging applications. Customers can configure their individual systems for each specific application by means of Aconity3D’s online machine configurator.