The 3DP WorkBench printer is a unique machine developed by 3DPlatform. The 3DP WorkBench printer is professionally oriented with its built-in wardrobe and is also characterized by its size and its open source side, which gives it many advantages:

• Construction volume: 1000mm x 1000mm x 500mm
• Compatible materials: Allows it to print using the materials available on the filaments market (PLA, Flexible, PETG, ASA, Pro loaded …). In addition, the 3DP Workbench comes with a double extrusion head system for printing in bimatière
• Economical: With a starting price of $30,000 USD (before tax), this industrial printer is the least expensive on the market in regards to its size
• Inserts: Easy access to the tray makes it possible to position inserts (metal part, cable, electronic card …) in your printing without destabilizing or damaging your part under construction
• Robust and Accurate: This machine is a real tool with advanced mechatronics (SurePrint® servomotors) and robust, precise linear axes (PBC Linear SIMO®)
• Mobile: Assembled on a wheeled industrial maid, this 3D printer can be integrated into an office or a workshop
• Evolutive: Protection cell (2 models) of the optional tray
• Optional training
• 1 year warranty and CE certified

The 3DP Workbench printer is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in industrial design, rapid prototyping, product development, automotive and aeronautical design, building and architecture, shipbuilding, accessories Personalized, sculptures and artistic development, and much more.

Other specificities: Optional cartridge, mobile printer can pass the standard doors of 80cm wide