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TOP 5 videos of the week rockets, masks and more!

A new selection of the best 3D printing videos of the week, just for you! Find our TOP 5 videos of the week below and tell us what your favorite video is in a comment or on our Facebook and Twitter page. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite videos of the week with us, or your favorites from our list with your friends!

TOP 1-Automating post processing

In this video, you will get to see how Formlabs is trying to make the post-processing stages easier than ever before, by offering their new Form wash + cure. This is a video for all who are interested in making their 3D printing experience easier and faster with these two new exciting machines!

TOP 2- Rocket Lab

On Friday, we shared an article about the successful launching of Rocket Lab’s rocket, that includes an engine that was created using additive manufacturing.  In this video, you will get a look at the launch as well as a peak at their rocket, giving you an opportunity to see a piece of history being made.

TOP 3- Barking Riverside

L&Q and GLA have joined together for Barking Riverside project, an interesting project that depends on 3D printing for its fruition. In this video you will get to see up close, one of the largest 3D printers in London that is helping to create a one of a kind model that is bringing 3D printing into a whole new ballgame.

TOP 4- Masks

Artist Landon Meier is using 3D printing technologies to create life like silicon masks. These masks, while kind of creepy, look so life like thanks to the extreme details that are offered when using 3D scanning and printing. This is a video you won’t want to miss if you are an artist or even if you’re needing some early Halloween mask ideas!

TOP 5- The Dilo

Exploration into space is becoming more and more of a possibility thanks to 3D printing. But, before humans can take on the next frontier, those in the space industry are looking to 3D printing in order to create new devices and satellites for space use. In this video, you will get to see how 3D printing is being used to create a new kind of satellite. This video is one you won’t want to miss!

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