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TOP 5 videos

TOP 5 videos of the week: Orthodontics, metal blades and more!

A new selection of the best 3D printing videos of the week, just for you! Find our TOP 5 videos of the week below and tell us what your favorite video is in a comment or on our Facebook and Twitter page. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite videos of the week with us, or your favorites from our list with your friends!

TOP 1- 3D printing for orthodontic applications

Proto3000, the same manufacturers of the 3D printed surfboard used by Mick Fanning are back again, but for a different industry. Today, Proto3000 is helping transform the dental world through 3D printing. In this video you will meet Eyal Geiger, who will show you how they are using 3D printing for orthodontic applications.

TOP 2- 3D printed turbine for the open seas

You may have read our article the boat propeller created using 3D printing from RAMLAB; but today, it’s Siemens turn by presenting us with 3D printed metal blades that were created for use in large ship turbines. Below, you will see this new “breakthrough” in 3D printing from the printing process to the final product.

TOP 3- Environmentally friendly 3D printing ink

The latest breakthrough in 3D printing comes to us from researchers at Epam, who have created a new 3D printing ink that is made from cellulose nanocrystals. This ink is big news in 3D printing and is sure to bring us fantastic innovations in the years to come for 3D bioprinting!

TOP 4- Villeroy & Boch

3D printing is a great technology for prototyping and end products, helping to create the ‘what could be’, in only a short amount of time. In this video, you will meet Johan de Groot, who will show you how 3D printing is helping to change the industry as we know it, and how it is helping move his business into the future!

TOP 5- The Architectural Thought Process

Asking ‘why’ is a key to the architectural thought process and is a great question when creating and 3D printing your own designs. Below you will see how a student, with the help of his professor, is using this question to help propel the 3D printing forward towards the future!

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