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In this section, you will find our interviews with the big players, makers, and entrepreneurs in the world of 3D printing

Startup of the month: Desktop Metal, the reinventors of metal 3D printing

Additive metal production is becoming an increasingly sought after tool by market players who are confident in its ability to reduce production costs while simultaneously increasing quality. As 3D printer manufacturers continue to develop cheaper, more professional solutions (such as Xact Metal or Markforged), there are other players who are confident that they ...

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Startup of the month: Wiivv’s 3D printed, customizable insoles and sandals

This month, we would like to introduce you to a young Canadian startup as our startup of the month of June! As personalization specialists, Wiivv is creating completely tailor-made 3D printed insoles and sandals that will bring even more comfort and customization to your life. Using a smartphone, Wiivv digitizes ...

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Startup of the month: Voodoo Manufacturing, proving that 3D printing factories are here to stay

voodoo manufacturing

Each month the 3Dnatives team searches across the globe for the latest startups in 3D printing that are helping to revolutionize the industry as we know it. This month, we have chosen Voodoo Manufacturing; the New York startup who are developing 3D printing “micro-factories”, bringing a new look to customer personalization. To help ...

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SelfCAD, the CAD software for beginners and professionals


In the beginning of April we presented you with our list of the TOP 10 3D software for beginners that can be found on the market today. Coming in at number 3 was SelfCAD, a newcomer to the CAD software scene and one that piqued our interest due to their ...

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Startup of the month: BIOMODEX, the printers of 3D organs and simulation models

Last month, we presented OWA 3D, the startup that is helping to lead 3D printing towards a circular economy. Today, we have chosen a startup that offers you a look into a completely different field, the medical field. After realizing that medical errors were the third leading cause of death ...

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Kniterate, the knitting machine inspired by 3D printing

Ever wanted to create your own clothing without limits? Well now you can thanks to Kniterate, a knitting machine that uses techniques similar to those found in 3D printing. The founders of this Spanish startup, Gerard Rubio and Triambak Saxena, were inspired by classic 3D printers, which ultimately led to the ...

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Cytosurge, 3D metal printing on a microscale

Direct 3D printing of metals with submicron resolution is a promising additive manufacturing technique for a wide range of sectors. The FluidFM µ3Dprinter from Cytosurge is the world’s first 3D printer capable of delivering such resolution in direct metal printing, while at the same time offering scalability and excellent prospects in both production ...

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Zimple: 3D Printing without Toxic Emissions

Nicolas and Antoine of “Zimple” launched their Kickstarter campaign earlier this year for a 3D printer filtration system that helps to significantly reduce the toxic emissions that are produced during printing. Their filtration system called the “Zimpure” is a device that could quickly become the ideal companion for 3D printers! ...

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Dinara Kasko, the 3D printing pastry chef

Dinara Kasko is offering more innovation in the 3D printing world by creating unique creations using 3D printing technology. Blown away by her designs and creations that’ll make your mouth water, we decided to meet her to learn more about her creations, her projects and ambitions. 3DN: Can you introduce yourself ...

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3D printed jewelry by Diana Law

3D printing has been making waves across many sectors and jewelry is no exception! Thanks to 3D printing technology, creating one of a kind pieces that are original and unique is now possible. Diana Law is an artist who has embarked on a mission to create eye popping 3D printed jewelry, ...

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Startup of the month: MarkForged: Bringing 3D metal manufacturing to the masses

Each month we present the 3D startup of the month, choosing startups that are revolutionizing the 3D printing industry in their own way. For this month’s startup of the month, we met with MarkForged’s CEO Greg Mark to learn more about their newest 3D metal printer. After introducing us to ...

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Nano Dimension: The additive manufacturers for printed electronics

Nano Dimension is an Israeli company that was founded in 2012 that specializes in nanotechnology and additive manufacturing. They have developed inkjet inks that are composed of nanoparticles, which are used in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) via a 3D printer called the DragonFly 2020. These circuits can ...

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Exclusive interview with the creators of the 3D printer with 6-axis

Last week, we presented you with a 6-axis printer that was created by two Swiss students from the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich, Switzerland. This printer allowed you print without having any material support. We wanted to know more about this ambitious project, so we decided to meet with ...

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Startup of the month: OWA 3D, leading the way to a circular economy in 3D printing

With the recent arrivals of tech giants such as HP, General Electric (GE), or Michelin, 2017 has begun as a year filled with promises and challenges for 3D printing. With the flexibility of the market and the advantages offered by technology, we are finding many young startups ready to join ...

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