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A graduate of the University of Central Florida and a current student pursuing my master’s degree, I am passionate about communication, multimedia and the fast-paced world of technology. 3D printing is an exciting journey with breakthroughs and new innovations occurring each day. It is with this in mind that I hope to share with you the latest happenings, developments, and discoveries across the 3D printing world.

Top 10 of the best TED Talks on 3D printing

TED Talk

A great way to present innovative ideas in technology, entertainment or design is the TED Talks conferences, a popular series that brings together experts to discuss the latest topics from different industries and fields. Since 2009, many of the talks have been made available free of charge on the TED ...

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U.S. Navy uses 3D printing to create submarine hull

3D printing is making its way around industries, taking over medicine, aerospace and even the front lines. But now, in its latest endeavor, it is heading under the sea in ways we haven’t seen before. One thing’s for sure, this latest development is sure to make a splash in the ...

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3D printable gun files on sale for as low as $12 on the dark-web

3D print gun

3D-printed weapons has been a major industry controversy since 2013. On May 6, 2013, Cody Wilson, the Senior Representative of the group Defense Distributed, unveiled and distributed the first weapon created with 3D printing, the “Liberator”. In only two days time the files had managed to be spread and downloaded around different ...

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3Dnatives exclusive interview with ONO, the 3D printer that uses your smartphone


ONO was created by Pietro Gabriele and Filippo Moroni, two men who imagined a 3D printer that you could use with your smartphone! Unveiled at Maker Faire New York in 2015, the concept (then known as OLO) knew that it would be a game changer for 3D printing! With a ...

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3Dnatives Lab: Our Test of the Ultimaker 3

Unveiled to the surprise of many last October, the Ultimaker 3 3D printer is the latest printer from the Dutch manufacturers, Ultimaker. Already well known for being one of the most popular brands of desktop 3D printers, the brand has decided to continue their reign on top by introducing their ...

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TOP 5 videos of the week: Submarines, Comics and more!

Top 5 videos

A new selection of the best 3D printing videos of the week, just for you! Find our TOP 5 videos of the week below and tell us what your favorite video is in a comment or on our Facebook and Twitter page. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite videos of the week with us or ...

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Swiss researchers develop 3D printed heart

3D printed heart

Zurich University of Applied Sciences is already well known on the 3D printing scene for their affiliation with Crytosurge as well as for breeding students that have created wonders such as the 6-axis 3D printer. Now, stepping back into the limelight, the university has decided to dive into medicine: successfully ...

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Qlone: The 3D scanning smartphone app


3D scanning is one of the biggest allies to 3D printing, allowing you to transform real objects into a 3D model without having to work too hard on the design. With the ability to scan from spare parts or a simple object you like, the possibilities provided are unlimited. While ...

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Crowdfunding: An accelerator for 3D printing?

3D printing is a fascinating technology that gives its users unlimited possibilities to further one’s creative aspirations or to provide the push needed to completely revolutionize an entire industry. With the possibilities that 3D printing offers, it is no surprise that companies are trying to break out into this disruptive ...

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IKEA unveils their first 3D printed collection

Ikea 3D printed

Swedish furniture specialist, IKEA, has just unveiled their first 3D printed collection “OMEDELBAR”, composed mainly of decorative objects, with their first released piece being a hand that can serve as a coat hanger or jewelry holder. Using 3D printing to create decorative objects for the home is nothing new, with ...

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TOP 10 Game of Thrones 3D printed models

Game of Thrones

On Sunday night, season 7 of the hit series “Game of Thrones” broke audience records, reaching millions of people and even crashing HBO’s website. With winter finally upon us, we decided the best way to celebrate and prepare for what is to come is through 3D printing. Helping to kick ...

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3D printed graphene aerogel granted Guinness World Record

graphene aerogel

Graphene, which is a form of carbon, is known for its properties of strength and lightness, especially when used as a 3D printing material. Taking this lightness and strength further, three engineers decided to print the graphene with aerogel, creating what is now considered to be the lightest 3D printed ...

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TOP 5 videos of the week: 3 story houses, Jaguars and more!

TOP 5 videos

A new selection of the best 3D printing videos of the week, just for you! Find our TOP 5 videos of the week below and tell us what your favorite video is in a comment or on our Facebook and Twitter page. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite videos of the week with us or ...

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US Marine Corps bring 3D printing to the front lines

US marines 3D printing

3D printing has come to combat zones, as the United States Marine Corps welcomes them with open arms into their bases. The branch of the United States military has been one of the leading voices behind the incorporation of 3D printing in the military, recognizing early on its benefits and ...

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3D printed Third Thumb lends an extra finger

Today, there are many players in 3D printing – be they companies or associations – who have embarked on the creation of 3D-printed prostheses. Often associated with a physical disability, they replace a broken or underdeveloped part of our body. Dani Clode, a graduate of the Royal College of Art ...

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Researchers develop 3D printed breast cancer detecting robot

Stormram 4

3D printing has touched a number of different industries, but one that has seen significant innovations over the last couple years has been none other than the medical field. Thanks to its ease of adoption, 3D printing is helping to move medicine to the next level in the fight against ...

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Ancient ruler brought back to life using 3D printing

Lady of Cao

History just got a whole lot cooler, thanks to a discovery by scientists in Peru of an ancient female leader who died 1,700 years ago. Using 3D printing technology, scientists were able to reconstruct the face of Lady of Cao, who was discovered in the ruins of a pyramid near ...

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Startup of the month: Desktop Metal, the reinventors of metal 3D printing

Additive metal production is becoming an increasingly sought after tool by market players who are confident in its ability to reduce production costs while simultaneously increasing quality. As 3D printer manufacturers continue to develop cheaper, more professional solutions (such as Xact Metal or Markforged), there are other players who are confident that they ...

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ECO 3D: The latest economic news in 3D printing for June

eco 3D

Progress towards the future of 3D printing continues to grow, whether it be in the introduction of new, promising technologies, or within the production chain of a company who has implemented additive manufacturing to propel their production even further. In this month’s edition of ECO3D, 3Dnatives will be presenting you ...

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Hyperflesh: The ultra-realistic, 3D printed masks


Beginning in 2016, American artist Landon Meiert has been marketing and manufacturing his ultra-realistic masks under his brand ‘Hyperflesh’. Over the last couple months, he has been creating quite the buzz all over social media, following a video posted online a few months ago that featured masks such as Putin, ...

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